Mai 68/body-type


“Enclosed in cardboard boxes, having voluntary subjugated their fleshy appearance to the abstract reality of the sign, the militant students of May 68 restaored to the letter its magic and ancestral power.” Letter and Image, Massin

Your message here



Hey there. We are Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt, otherwise known as something’s hiding in here. Nice to meet ya! We’re really excited to be guest bloggers on BFF this month and are thrilled to share this special project with you called YOUR MESSAGE HERE.

We love simple sentiments and wanted to find a way to share some of our favorites and hear some of yours so we created our own roadside marquee and have installed it at the new fred flare store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Now all we need is you!

We’re asking you to leave a comment here on what you’d like the sign to say. It could be anything! Send us a message and it might end up featured on the sign for the world to see. If you can’t make it to the shop, that’s OK because we’re also going to share each message with you right here on BFF. For the next 40 days we will be picking our favorites and photographing the sign’s daily transformations. Won’t you please collaborate with us?

Please join us on Friday, April 10th, 7PM – 10PM for a cocktail party at the fred flare store where we’ll celebrate with the artists and their limited-edition surprises documenting this project. Until then, STAY CUTE!