The sublime, according to Kant, is a principle of disorder, of purposivelessness. It is the phenomenon of our understanding encountering something that it cannot organize or contain. When glazing at someone for a long time without making eye-contact, that person remains un-accessible for an undefined lapse of time. Nothing happens as no communication occurs. It is like sharing a space without sharing the Time dimension. The person at that stage is object of the watcher's glaze, unaware of it, until the moment he or she turns back to him and comes out of passivity. Of Purposivelessness is a collection of spontaneous snap shots of those fragile moments.
615,15h34 Island of Reunion, Indian Ocean
Amandine, 14h13 Standon, England
Aurore, 14h16, Island of Reunion, Indian Ocean
Unknown, 12h48, Paris, France
Aurore, 17h50 Menton, France
Unknown, 17h12, Menton, France
Gina,19h11 Rabastens, France
Gina, 11h50 Rabastens, France
Jerome, 21h23, London, England