Word Art Collective
Hoxton Arches, London
21 november - 8 December 2012, UK

Summer School Workshop
Gerald Moore Gallery, London
August 2012, UK

Installation & Typography Workshop
Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, Beirut
April 2012, Lebanon

Typography in Contemporary Art
Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig
May, 8th – July, 17th 2011, Germany

FoodMarketo: Coffee & Friends
A collaboration between DesignMarketo & Apartamento Magazine
2010, London Design Week (UK)

Exhibition at The Cube and in the London Underground

2010, London Design Week (UK)

A collaboration between DesignMarketo & Apartamento Magazine
2010, Kaleidoscope Space, Milan Design Week (Italy)

2010, Hoopers Gallery, London (UK)

The First Annual Detroit .gif Group Show
2009, Detroit Gallery, Stockholm (Sweden)

Back to Basics
2008, Pop up Gallery, Carnaby Street, London (UK)

Xhibit 08
2008, Arts Gallery, University of the Arts London, London (UK)

2007, Baltic States Photodays, Kaunas (Lithuania)

D21 Salon
2007, D21 Art Space, Leipzig (Germany)

Un Pavé Dans Le Marais
2003, Galerie Miguel Amaté, Paris (France)

2002, Atelier 33, Marseille (France)

A Vendre
2001, Artothèque, Réunion Island, Indian Ocean (France)