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  1. Letterform for the Ephemeral


    An everlasting choreography referencing the (real) passing of time, people standing as the Hours moving only once every 60 minutes, while the one acting as the tenths of Seconds executes a very fast routine in a continual move.
    This image is a screenshot of this work.

    In The Practice of Everyday Life, Michel de Certeau creates a relationship between the metropolis and its inhabitants on one side, and the practice of writing and speaking on the other side, and how they are “writing an urban text
    as they move through it”.

    A given message evolves in perpetual flux and its context is permanently shifting, regardless if its support is an advert or public signage.

    Who is its audience? Where is it read? What is the weather like? What is everyone talking about on that day?
    Are they in a hurry? Does it smell of hotdogs as they’re reading it?
    A static printed message cannot adapt to a changing situation; it therefore belongs to the platonic ideal world rather than the hic et nunc (here and now) of the real world.

  2. Ephemeral stencils: Birdseeds




    Confronting the notion of ephemeral stencils to the semantic field of tattoos. Tattoos understood as the contrary of temporary messages in both their form and their message, with words and promises such as Love, Forever, Always.
    Using the word Always for its double-meaning of repetition and eternity.
    Ephemeral stencil made with birdseeds.
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