Amandine Alessandra: News & Projects / Portfolio

  1. Coffee & Friends


    Coffee & Friends is a plain white bistrot tablecloth that reveals its pattern as coffee or tea is spilled on it: designed after the circle stains left by coffee cups, hundred of tiny smiling round faces appear on the fabric, sympathising with the clumsy guest.

    Coffee & Friends was specifically designed for DesignMarketo, to be featured during London Design Week in their FoodMarketo shop/café, a joint project with Apartamento magazine. Handprinted in London with the invaluable help of All Cats Are Grey.

    FoodMarketo / Coffee & Friends
    20—26 September / 10am—7pm 8b
    Egerton Garden Mews  SW3 2EH


  2. In vino veritas


    In vino veritas (wine reveals the truth) is a plain white tablecloth that only reveals its damask pattern
    as wine is spilled on it. (Perfect for clumsy guests!)


    This is part of a research on ephemeral stencils, looking into “programming” a shape or word to appear, evolve and disappear according to changesin its environment. Traditionally, damasks were woven in a single colour, with a glossy warp-faced satin pattern against a duller ground, causing the thread to reflect the light differently according to the position of the observer. I liked the idea of a pattern that would only be revealed under certain circumstances, just as truth and secrets would.



    The tannin can be fixated by washing the tablecloth in cold water with 1kg of salt instead of laundry powder, although this may cause the color to change accordingly to the wine used. (See below)


    In vino veritas tableclothes will be shown and sold during the Milan Furniture Fair, in the Foodmarketo pop-up shop/gallery. FoodMarketo is a joint project by Apartamento magazine and DesignMarketo.
    Where: Milan, Via Masera in front of n.10
    at the Kaleidoscope space.
    When: 13-18 April 2010