Amandine Alessandra: News & Projects / Portfolio

  1. Type should move


    “All is flux, nothing stays still, no man ever steps twice in the same river“, observed Heraclites.
    This intelligent (because human) letterform allows a message to change from an instant to another, in an attempt to reflect on the fleeting quality of the moment.
    It is flexible enough to keep the message relevant and up to date as its context changes, but also has the visual presence of a giant billboard.

  2. Mapplethorpe ll


    Mapplethope ll

    mapplethorpe ll

    This is a second version of the Mapplethorpe alphabet, using the American photographer’s world as a mood board.
    This is part of my research on how to get a letter to mean more than it reads.

    A few more letters here.

  3. Love rubber



    Research on contextual lettering, or how to get a word to say more than it reads.
    The typeface made of blue rubber gloves is called Marigold, the black leatherish one is Mapplethorpe.