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  1. Show: Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig


    TYPOTAGE invites Michael von Aichberger, Amandine Alessandra, Bela Borsodi, Alexander Branczyk, Andrew Byrom, Arnold Dreyblatt, Götz Gramlich, Sascha Grewe, MAGMA Brand Design, Ebon Heath, Susan Hefuna, Monika Heineck, Aoyama Hina, Domingo Kdekilo, René Knip, Vladimir Koncar, Eric Ku, Pantea Lachin, Sebastian Lemm, Thomas Mayfried, Niessen & de Vries, Julius Popp, Lisa Rienermann, Camilo Rojas, Stefan Sagmeister, Lee Stokes, Reona Ueda, Ralph Ueltzhöffer, usus,Bembo’s Zoo, zwölf to exhibit their typographic work at the Museum of the Printing Arts of Leipzig, Germany.

    Workshops and Museum of the Printing Arts Leipzig
    May, 8th – July, 17th 2011

  2. New collection: In Rainbow Veritas


    Cutlery Use Dev Org, tablecloth Amandine Alessandra during A Dinner with DesignMarketo at the Barbican Gallery.



    In Rainbow Veritas is a new edition of In vino Veritas, a plain white bistrot tablecloth that reveals its pattern as wine, blueberry juice, curry sauce or tea is spilled on it, diverting the attention away from an awkward situation, as an irregular pattern of flowers blossoms in the stain.
    The new collection was recently launched in London at the dinner hosted by DesignMarketo
    at the Barbican Gallery.

    A limited series, hand printed in East London by All Cats Are Grey and sold on DesignMarketo.

  3. Emerge


    I was also part of the 2010 edition of the Emerge show during London Design Week.
    During the opening, guests were invited to pose as human letterforms/numbers
    and were given a polaroid of their mini-performance (instant typography deserves
    instant photography, doesn’t it?).

  4. Deluxe Roudoudou

    Roudoudou is the name French kids give to a sort of red hard candy cast in a sea shell.


    Deluxe Roudoudou is a silver and coffee lollipop specially commissioned by DesignMarketo for the Coffee & Friends edition of FoodMarketo during the London Design Festival 2010. It combines the idea of a cheap sweet with the English idiom “born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth.”

    Like Super Natural, FoodMarketo was in the Brompton Design District, one of several such districts in the festival. A joint effort by Apartamento magazine and Design Marketo, a company that allows young designers to get their products (from greeting cards to tables) to a wider audience, this engagingly ad-hoc basement installation, designed by Max Lamb and Lars Frideen, was half cafe (selling coffee from Coleman Coffee Roasters) and half pop-up shop. The cafe furniture was for sale, as were objects like the irresistible lollipops flavored with coffee and tea that were cast in silver spoons by Amandine Alessandra.

    Pilar Viladas, NY TIMES, T Magazine, September 2010, link here

  5. Wearable Letterform for kangurus

    Photo credits: Arthur Corr + Rita BotelhoPhoto Rita Botelho
    Photo credit: Rita Botelho & Arthur Corr

    Euro RSCG Lisbon for Optimus
    Euro RSCG Lisbon for Optimus

    Below is a collaboration with Euro RSCG Lisbon, who found a nice use of my wearable typography for their latest campaign, check it out here!

    More about the original project here and here.

  6. To be or not to be: Am I? Are you?

    Conceived with Jerome from Electronest.
    I can’t believe how long we’ve survived without this.
    Obviously, best to be checked via RSS.

  7. Design as an economic system


    I was recently commissioned by Electronest for a photoshoot based on that picture.

    In relation to this, Electronest is launching a new project and would like to invite you to participate.

    The outcome is a poster and a text: an analog R-Echos.
    It is also an experiment in the economics of production:

    how can we shift focus from consumption of a finished product to investment in the processes of design, print & production?

    Would you be interested in investing in the tangible production of this work?
    Everyone is invited to participate of a minimum of £8
    please check project and details at