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  1. Book Launch
    at the Whitechapel Gallery


    We would love you to join the launch of our new book Big Letter Hunt London at the Whitechapel Gallery on Thursday 1st September at 6.30pm.

    This new book, published by Batsford Books, is a super colourful version of The Big Letter Hunt in the East End of London for our fellow typography, architecture and London lovers. Our new architectural treasure hunt winds its way past some of our favorite London spots such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum, as well as 20th century architectural gems like the Barbican, the Brunswick Centre and the Southbank Centre. It includes a glossary with quirky facts about each of the buildings where our specimens were found (did you know that Liberty’s façade had been built from the timber of two ships?!), as well as an alphabet poster.


    Come say hello, get your copy signed and watch a projection of giant letterforms sent to us by our friends from across the world. It’s not too late to have your building-letter featured! Please Tweet or Instagram your finds tagging #bigletterhunt and you’ll also be entered into a draw to win a copy of Big Letter Hunt London.

  2. Big Letter Hunt: London

    This has been a busy year so far.
    I’ve had a baby and quite a lot of interesting projects which sometimes are almost babies of their own kind.

    One of the most exciting ones was a second book with my partner in crime (and architect!) Rute Nieto Ferreira. This new publication brings together pretty much everything we both love and got us to even meet at first: photography, architecture, typography, children, playfulness, exploring London.

    Big Letter Hunt: London is an alphabetical picture book for both children and adults that takes the readers – young and old – on a tour of England’s capital to find giant letters hidden among the city’s buildings and streets. The architectural treasure hunt winds its way past London landmarks such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum, as well as architectural gems such as the Barbican and the modernist Brunswick Centre.

    Letters also appear in the skyscrapers of the City of London, on tube stations and in the detailing of windows and facades. Some letters are easy to spot while others need a closer look. Rute and I obviously got quite contagiously obsessed with this game and have been sharing our finds since, both between ourselves and with our friends from around the world (#bigletterhunt, in case you want to join!).

    The book includes a glossary with quirky facts about the buildings where our specimens were found, a map to follow the letter hunt around the city, and a A-Z poster to hang on the wall hidden at the back of the book jacket!

    We’ll be signing books at the Whitechapel Gallery bookshop on the 1st of September; meanwhile please please please do share YOUR own letter finds online using the tag #BigLetterHunt @amndne or @towerblockbooks for a chance to win a copy; your letters will be projected at the book signing! Can’t wait to see your catch!

    Big Letter Hunt: London is published by Batsford/Pavilion Books and is available from Foyles, Tate, the British Museum, probably your local bookshop (if not, ask!), and of course online from the usual suspects.

  3. Now Play This


    Rute Nieto Ferreira and I are showing the games we are playing in our heads finding letterforms in architecture with the big letter hunt (see Tower Block Books) this weekend at Now Play This at Somerset House, as part of the London Game Festival.

    The festival explores the notion of games: the ones you play on your own, or in teams, on tables, under tables, on screens or in person.

    A limited edition of Big Letter Hunt prints will also be available to purchase on the spot, and I’ll give a 5 minute talk on games on Friday afternoon at 5pm.

    1 – 3 April 2016,
    Somerset House

  4. The Creative Process talks at the V&A


    Last week I was one of many speakers invited by Curator to discuss design process
    at the V&A Friday Late programme on curating, called Collections of Collections.

    Using the Curator App, which has been my tool of choice for a while anyway (honest!), and no more than 25 slides, a performer, food designers, a baker, a curator, editors,
    art directors and a couple of product designers discussed work processes and research rather than actual outcomes. The variety of practices and the rather snappy rhythm contributed to keeping the level of excitement high, when the huge amount
    of information could have been totally overwhelming; the use of Curator allowed seamless transitions within the presentations and from one to the next, keeping
    the flow of the discussion.

    It’s always the greatest reward to see people in the audience giggle when discovering my work. In a separate talk, my new partner in typographic crime, Rute Nieto Ferreira, also explained the process behind The Big Letter Hunt, and how at the origin of our work is something called apophenia, or the fact of seeing patterns or connections (OR LETTERS!) in random or meaningless data (OR BUILDINGS).

    This also reminded me how much I love Friday Lates at the V&A; that’s something I will now be looking forward to. The next one this month is on Typography, more about this soon!

  5. Book Launch: The Big Letter Hunt

    The incorruptible Design Approval Committee at Tower Block Books

    A few months ago I started a publishing company called Tower Block Books together with architect Rute Nieto Ferreira.

    Our first publication, The Big Letter Hunt (In the East End of London), is a book about finding letters in the architecture
    of the East End.

    This is a Riso-printed alphabet picture book; it takes the readers, young and old, on a walk which starts at the Barbican and continues East along the Regent’s Canal, Haggerston, Mile End, Whitechapel and their surroundings, spotting giant letters amongst buildings.

    Supported by Hato Press, The Big Letter Hunt is a very local project: it was devised and designed in and around Regent Studios on Andrews Road E8, printed and bound on Scawfell Street E2, and we are now launching the second edition on Sunday 26/10 from 3pm at L’Entrepôt on Dalston Lane, E8, as part of Hackney with a Twist.

    There will be a workshop (booking essential), books and limited edition prints at a reduced price, and great wine.

  6. Show: Word Art Collective

    Some of my video and photography-based typographic work will be shown by the Word Art Collective at the Hoxton Arches from Wednesday 21st November to Saturday 8th December 2012.

    The Word Art Collective is a non-profit initiative established by a group of curators and writers based in London, generously supported by the European Commission and partner gallery Hoxton Arches.

    The show is curated as an exhibition of art and design by artists whose work explores the theme of European identity, taking as its base an interest in language.

    The exhibition is to be held at Hoxton Arches, Arch 402, on the edge of Shoreditch.
    Arch 402
    Cremer Street
    E2 8HD

  7. A sure cure for seasickness is to sit under a tree.


    A sure cure for seasickness is to sit under a tree. Spike Milligan
    Experimentation using branches as a matrix.