Amandine Alessandra: News & Projects / Portfolio

  1. Friday Late at the V&A
    What the Font?


    One Word at A Time is a classic improv theatre exercise:
    in a circle, a story is started, with each person in turn adding one word.

    Join us and dress up as a human letter as part of a typographic performance;
    form words with other visitors and watch as a story unfolds through the evening.
    Each word will be photographed so that you can decide what word to contribute next, and you can follow the story live on my twitter account @amndne.
    See/Read you there!

    Friday 28 November 18.30 – 22.00
    Raphael, Room 48a

  2. 12/13: Wired UK

    Commissioned work in the December issue of Wired UK:
    slow motion hand-danced numbers + 30s exposure self-portraits x4

  3. Clerkenwell Design Week 2011: Stop Motion Typography workshop

    amandine_alessandraTypographic performance at Liverpool Street Station (18:00:00 – 19:00:00)

    For Clerkenwell Design Week 2011 DesignMarketo is setting up at the Farmiloe Building on St John Street in collaboration with the Barbican Art Centre. I will be giving a (free) workshop based on stop motion and typography, using the iconic building space as a grid to produce a human typeface.
    Wednesday 25.05.11 from 2-4pm

    Also: do not miss Alexandre Bettler‘s workshop on mobile typography:
    Thursday 26.05.11 from 5-pm

    24-26 May 2011
    34, St John Street, London
    EC1M 4AY

  4. In Vino Veritas for Selfridges

    I’ve been commissioned to create an exclusive In Vino Veritas collection for Selfridges.

    In store now, in Selfridges Oxford Street.





    Made in London, handprinted by All Cats Are Grey.

    More details about this project here!

  5. Coffee & Friends


    Coffee & Friends is a plain white bistrot tablecloth that reveals its pattern as coffee or tea is spilled on it: designed after the circle stains left by coffee cups, hundred of tiny smiling round faces appear on the fabric, sympathising with the clumsy guest.

    Coffee & Friends was specifically designed for DesignMarketo, to be featured during London Design Week in their FoodMarketo shop/café, a joint project with Apartamento magazine. Handprinted in London with the invaluable help of All Cats Are Grey.

    FoodMarketo / Coffee & Friends
    20—26 September / 10am—7pm 8b
    Egerton Garden Mews  SW3 2EH