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  1. In Vino Veritas, Rainbow Edition @ the Barbican Centre


    “At first glance, the Curve Gallery at the Barbican looks as if it has been transformed into a glorified gallery gift shop. Step inside, however, and you will notice that the objects adorning the sleek lacquered tabletop units possess an element of the surreal and idiosyncratic, including hacksaw shaped bread boards and tiny wind up music boxes.
    This is the Design Den – the Barbican’s answer to a pop-up shop, keeping intact a design aesthetic befitting of its Brutalist location. Focusing on the applied arts, and in conjunction with DesignMarketo — ‘a platform that diffuses up-and-coming designers’ small or limited productions’ – the consumer cultural experience comes alive. (…)
    Hato Press, a specialty printing and publishing house based near London Fields, showcase small notebooks of illustrations collated from test prints and mistakes in their studio. Their expertise in screen and Risograph print processes create beautifully constructed art books. Elsewhere, design fuses with humour, from the Ty DIY Edition Shower Curtain with marker pen (create your perfect shower curtain) to Amandine Alessandra’s In Rainbow Veritas, a plain white bistro tablecloth that reveals a flower blossom pattern when wine, curry sauce or tea is spilt on it. (…)”

    Rosie Higham-Stainton,

    Design Den
    The Curve
    Barbican Centre, Silk Street
    London, EC2Y 8DS
    Until 23 December 2011
    Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm
    Sun 12 noon – 8pm

  2. New collection: In Rainbow Veritas


    Cutlery Use Dev Org, tablecloth Amandine Alessandra during A Dinner with DesignMarketo at the Barbican Gallery.



    In Rainbow Veritas is a new edition of In vino Veritas, a plain white bistrot tablecloth that reveals its pattern as wine, blueberry juice, curry sauce or tea is spilled on it, diverting the attention away from an awkward situation, as an irregular pattern of flowers blossoms in the stain.
    The new collection was recently launched in London at the dinner hosted by DesignMarketo
    at the Barbican Gallery.

    A limited series, hand printed in East London by All Cats Are Grey and sold on DesignMarketo.

  3. Coffee & Friends


    Coffee & Friends is a plain white bistrot tablecloth that reveals its pattern as coffee or tea is spilled on it: designed after the circle stains left by coffee cups, hundred of tiny smiling round faces appear on the fabric, sympathising with the clumsy guest.

    Coffee & Friends was specifically designed for DesignMarketo, to be featured during London Design Week in their FoodMarketo shop/café, a joint project with Apartamento magazine. Handprinted in London with the invaluable help of All Cats Are Grey.

    FoodMarketo / Coffee & Friends
    20—26 September / 10am—7pm 8b
    Egerton Garden Mews  SW3 2EH