Amandine Alessandra: News & Projects / Portfolio

  1. Show: Word Art Collective

    Some of my video and photography-based typographic work will be shown by the Word Art Collective at the Hoxton Arches from Wednesday 21st November to Saturday 8th December 2012.

    The Word Art Collective is a non-profit initiative established by a group of curators and writers based in London, generously supported by the European Commission and partner gallery Hoxton Arches.

    The show is curated as an exhibition of art and design by artists whose work explores the theme of European identity, taking as its base an interest in language.

    The exhibition is to be held at Hoxton Arches, Arch 402, on the edge of Shoreditch.
    Arch 402
    Cremer Street
    E2 8HD

  2. Clerkenwell Design Week 2011: Stop Motion Typography workshop

    amandine_alessandraTypographic performance at Liverpool Street Station (18:00:00 – 19:00:00)

    For Clerkenwell Design Week 2011 DesignMarketo is setting up at the Farmiloe Building on St John Street in collaboration with the Barbican Art Centre. I will be giving a (free) workshop based on stop motion and typography, using the iconic building space as a grid to produce a human typeface.
    Wednesday 25.05.11 from 2-4pm

    Also: do not miss Alexandre Bettler‘s workshop on mobile typography:
    Thursday 26.05.11 from 5-pm

    24-26 May 2011
    34, St John Street, London
    EC1M 4AY

  3. Legttering/Body type


    Body as letter form
    This experiment takes advantage of the fact that a lot of the typographic vocabulary is based on the human body: anatomy, body size, head piece, footers.
    Same thing for the book: a book has a head, joints, a spine, back and foot.

  4. Mapplethorpe ll


    Mapplethope ll

    mapplethorpe ll

    This is a second version of the Mapplethorpe alphabet, using the American photographer’s world as a mood board.
    This is part of my research on how to get a letter to mean more than it reads.

    A few more letters here.

  5. Fred Astaire vs Tony Blair


    Rhyming slang is a form of English slang in which a word is replaced by a rhyming word, typically the second word of a two-word phrase (so stairs becomes “apples and pears”, feet “Plate of meat”, etc)
    People used to say “Fred Astaire” for “hair”, but here you go, as time goes by, the younger generation doesn’t know who the hell that Fred is, and tends to use “Tony blair” instead.

  6. Love rubber



    Research on contextual lettering, or how to get a word to say more than it reads.
    The typeface made of blue rubber gloves is called Marigold, the black leatherish one is Mapplethorpe.

  7. Love 2009!

    Love 2009

    This week, instead of going to work, I asked dozens and dozens of strangers to stop whatever they were doing to draw a heart with their hands.

  8. Book as a block, block as a type = booksetting


    The adaptation of Thomas Fuller’s phrase “A book that is shut is but a block” in the previous bookshelves installation was illustrated by my use of the book for their shape and colour, rather than content; as it is, Muller-Brockmann orange grid book is only interesting for its vermilion a4 shape.

    Building up the letters also reminded me very much of typesetting, as every type made of colored books had to be blocked with white books, just as it is done in letterpress, where large areas of white space are created by wooden blocks called furniture.

  9. As Thomas Fuller used to say…


    A book that is shut is but a block.

    I thought of this experiment as a tautology: shut books that are therefore just blocks used to talk about the fact that shut books are just blocks.

  10. Take a seat and say something



    Same as before but thought of as an installation/live type.