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  1. Presentation @ LCC


    As a London College of Communication alumni, I was asked to give a presentation of my work to students of the MA Graphic Design course, along with Adam Hypki, who presented his research on the meta-narrations built by the juxtaposition of at first glance unrelated images in daily newspapers, and their echo to History of Art. I was asked to discuss my research on typographic forms for ephemeral messages, emphasing the difficulties in finding a satisfying direction.
    It’s always nice to look back to where an idea came from, what didn’t work, and how vastly the frame of work always seemed to expand, however narrowly you tried to pinpoint it.
    I loved the refreshingly dynamic attitude of the students, who allowed the lecture to turn into the kind conversation about graphic design and semiotics that I would like to have more often.

  2. To be or not to be: Am I? Are you?

    Conceived with Jerome from Electronest.
    I can’t believe how long we’ve survived without this.
    Obviously, best to be checked via RSS.

  3. Friends from the floorboard

    Les amis du plancher

  4. On my way


  5. not much to say


  6. Le rire de Rumsfeld (Rumsfeld’s laughter)