Amandine Alessandra: News & Projects / Portfolio

  1. Winner of The Word Art Collective digital competition

    I’m honoured that my work was selected by Curators Dr Glenn Adamson, of the Victoria & Albert Museum, and Priya Khanchandani as a winner of the Word Art Collective digital competition. Below is the exhibited work.

    30s exposure photograph + 30s Video

    The french expression “avoir un poil dans la main” means to be lazy, or literally to have a hair growing in your hand.
    Because us French people tend not to pronounce the letter H, it becomes To ‘ave R (air) in your hand when translated in English. Dancing is playing with air.
    The photograph exposed is a 30s exposure of a choreography very slowly drawing a R with my hand.The video shows a random-looking dance, so slow that it’s hardly recognisable as a letter until we see the photograph next to it.

  2. Wise Monkey / Dance Drawing

    A series of drawings slowly danced through 30 seconds exposure.

  3. New collection: In Rainbow Veritas


    Cutlery Use Dev Org, tablecloth Amandine Alessandra during A Dinner with DesignMarketo at the Barbican Gallery.



    In Rainbow Veritas is a new edition of In vino Veritas, a plain white bistrot tablecloth that reveals its pattern as wine, blueberry juice, curry sauce or tea is spilled on it, diverting the attention away from an awkward situation, as an irregular pattern of flowers blossoms in the stain.
    The new collection was recently launched in London at the dinner hosted by DesignMarketo
    at the Barbican Gallery.

    A limited series, hand printed in East London by All Cats Are Grey and sold on DesignMarketo.

  4. Like the back of my hand #2



  5. Like the back of my hand


    “to know (something) like the back of one’s hand”

    1. (transitive, idiomatic) To be intimately knowledgable about something, especially a place.

    Littéralement « connaître quelque chose comme le dos de sa main ».


    Explanation: Do you recognize this intriguing globular cluster of stars? It’s actually the constellation of city lights surrounding London, England, planet Earth, as recorded with a digital camera from the International Space Station. Taken in February 2003, north is toward the top and slightly left in this nighttime view. The encircling “London Orbital” highway by-pass, the M25, is easiest to pick out south of the city. Even farther south are the lights of Gatwick airport and just inside the western (left hand) stretch of the Orbital is Heathrow. The darkened Thames river estuary fans out to the city’s east. In particular, two small “dark nebulae” – Hyde Park and Regents Park – stand out slightly west of the densely packed lights at the city’s core.

  6. Plug & Play


    Jerome took this picture in situ of a biro drawing on canvas I did a while ago. Looking at my friend Margot‘s amazing biro work brought it back to my mind.
    After it had been forgotten laying somewhere against a wall it looks like it couldn’t find a better place.
    It’s so Jerome and it’s so me.

  7. Friends from the floorboard

    Les amis du plancher