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  1. Big Letter Hunt: London

    This has been a busy year so far.
    I’ve had a baby and quite a lot of interesting projects which sometimes are almost babies of their own kind.

    One of the most exciting ones was a second book with my partner in crime (and architect!) Rute Nieto Ferreira. This new publication brings together pretty much everything we both love and got us to even meet at first: photography, architecture, typography, children, playfulness, exploring London.

    Big Letter Hunt: London is an alphabetical picture book for both children and adults that takes the readers – young and old – on a tour of England’s capital to find giant letters hidden among the city’s buildings and streets. The architectural treasure hunt winds its way past London landmarks such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum, as well as architectural gems such as the Barbican and the modernist Brunswick Centre.

    Letters also appear in the skyscrapers of the City of London, on tube stations and in the detailing of windows and facades. Some letters are easy to spot while others need a closer look. Rute and I obviously got quite contagiously obsessed with this game and have been sharing our finds since, both between ourselves and with our friends from around the world (#bigletterhunt, in case you want to join!).

    The book includes a glossary with quirky facts about the buildings where our specimens were found, a map to follow the letter hunt around the city, and a A-Z poster to hang on the wall hidden at the back of the book jacket!

    We’ll be signing books at the Whitechapel Gallery bookshop on the 1st of September; meanwhile please please please do share YOUR own letter finds online using the tag #BigLetterHunt @amndne or @towerblockbooks for a chance to win a copy; your letters will be projected at the book signing! Can’t wait to see your catch!

    Big Letter Hunt: London is published by Batsford/Pavilion Books and is available from Foyles, Tate, the British Museum, probably your local bookshop (if not, ask!), and of course online from the usual suspects.

  2. DesignMarketo—retrospection

    Last December, DesignMarketo was invited to show its first retrospection (yes, somewhere between a retrospective and an introspection, it’s a retrospection), DesignMarketo en Barcelona at Otrascosas de Villarrosas gallery in Barcelona in December 2011. The exhibition space looked amazing, designed by Lars Frideen and Jordi Canudas (waiting for pictures here! Anyone?), and featured a variety of products launched during various events organised, the BookSetting poster being one of them.

    On this occasion, DesignMarketo also launched its first book, (designed by DesignMarketo themselves!) presenting designers, products and events from the main events organised so far. It includes an introduction text by Brit Leissler and the photographs I’ve been taking for DesignMarketo those past 3 years.

    A4, 64pages, printed laser & Riso as an edition of 100 only.
    Get it from here!

  3. Book as a block, block as a type = booksetting


    The adaptation of Thomas Fuller’s phrase “A book that is shut is but a block” in the previous bookshelves installation was illustrated by my use of the book for their shape and colour, rather than content; as it is, Muller-Brockmann orange grid book is only interesting for its vermilion a4 shape.

    Building up the letters also reminded me very much of typesetting, as every type made of colored books had to be blocked with white books, just as it is done in letterpress, where large areas of white space are created by wooden blocks called furniture.

  4. As Thomas Fuller used to say…


    A book that is shut is but a block.

    I thought of this experiment as a tautology: shut books that are therefore just blocks used to talk about the fact that shut books are just blocks.

  5. Interlingual Dictionary (Swiss/Swiss/Swiss/Swiss)

    Dictionnaire Suisse
    (Les Suisses s’entendent bien parce qu’ils ne se comprennent pas.)

    Dizionario Svizzero
    (Gli Svizzeri stanno bene assieme perche non capiscono l’uno con l’altro.)

    Dicziunari Svizze
    (Ils Svizzers van bain ensemen partg’ils na s’inclegian betg.)

    Schweizeriche Wörterbuch
    (D’Schwitzer hend ses güet mitenand, willsch schich nit verständ.)

    (Swiss people get on well because they don’t understand each other)

    Dictionnaire Suisse/Suisse

    Swiss Dictionnary, Rumantsch section

  6. Book cover for Chess, Stefan Zweig

    Chess- Design by Amandine Alessandra